Monday, April 20, 2009

Is green the new white?

Green Green Green

Everywhere you look you see signs about going green and saving the planet. Even in the wedding industry people and companies are starting to go green.

I want to give a quick shout out to a wedding gown designer who I really love. Adele Wechsler designs beautiful, feminine and ethereal gowns. Her new collection, the Eco Couture collection is so amazing! Adele Wechsler says this line is "for the bride who cares about the world she lives in" I have seen most of the line in person and these dresses are beautiful. Adele is using vegetable dyed silks and even hemp to make these gowns. The details are so beautiful. Tons of flowers and vines. Perfect gowns for an outdoor garden wedding.

These are a few of my favorite gowns from the line.

Flora is the gown that is made out of hemp. The material almost feels like linen. This dress is super light and airy. It would be great for an outdoor or beach wedding and will be very comfortable to wear through your reception.

Fern is a classic mermaid shape gown with vines and leaves winding around the entire dress. The bustle on this dress is so amazing, and when you unbustle it there are flowers all over the train. This dress is to this day one of my very favorite gowns I have ever seen simply because it is different.

If you are a bride looking for a super feminine gown and for a way to make your wedding green you must check out Adele Wechsler's Eco Couture collection


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