Saturday, May 2, 2009

Your friends matter too

Here are a few tips to make sure your bridesmaids still love you by the time your big day roles around.

1. Do not over burden your bridesmaids.

Because your girls are excited for you they are going to want to help and be a part of your wedding. Accept their help where you need it so they feel included but do not throw a laundry list of things at them so they feel taken for granted.

2. When your old friends meet your new friends.

A lot of wedding parties consist of child hood friends and friends from work or people you met in college. Plan some sort of get together so all your friends can meet and bond. Do something active that will involve everyone. Go make pottery, find some where to make your own perfume, go on a wine tasting. This will help alleviate any tension that could arise.

3. Be nice and pick out cute dresses.

Working with weddings attire daily I hear bridesmaids complain about their gowns. Here are a few options:
*Pick a consistent color of fabric and let your girls choose which ever style they prefer.

*Ask your bridesmaids what a comfortable budget would be for them and try to stick with it, yes it is your day but be reasonable.

*If you are having an informal, outdoor, spring or summer wedding let your brides choose sundresses that match your flowers or color scheme

*You will hear it time and time again. Let them have something they will wear again. Especially now with budgets being tight. Choose something cute and wearable.

I personally love the Melissa Sweet bridesmaids gowns.

Just keep in mind that you want as many friends when you come out of your wedding as you had when you went in, so listen to them, involve them, and consider their lifestyles to make sure they are comfortable.

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