Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your wedding day makeup

We spoke with Carissa of Wedding Makeup by Carissa-

The thought of having someone else prepare how you will look for the most important
day of your life is a little daunting to say the least. Especially when you don't know them.
Finding a makeup artist isn't an easy task, especially since most don't have websites and of
course a portfolio will only feature the best photos. Here are a few tips in finding the
perfect artist for your perfect day.

Hit the counters- Some of the best training for artists is from the big companies
themselves, the girls are trained regularly throughout the year and practice daily. It's how
I got my start and I still know many people throughout various departments, chances are
they know someone who has gone out on their own if you'd prefer a freelance artist. Just
find find someone with a personal style that matches your own.

Ask questions - A million questions should be answered before the actual makeup application
takes place. What lines does she use? How does she maintain hygiene standards? Is she
prepared for older women or younger girls needing services at the wedding? Will she charge
full price for a little gloss or shimmer on a junior bridesmaid? How was she trained? What
happens in emergencies if she can't show up for some reason? So much of what I do has little
to do with makeup and more to do with education.

Make sure a run-through is included- This really isn't a service that just happens the day of,
you should know exactly how you will look for your wedding well before the big day. I always
provide a run-through where we choose a look together, and I document exactly what I used
so I can duplicate it again. Could I just show up and provide beautiful makeup for all parties
involved? Absolutely, but I want the bride to be at ease which is what it's all about.

Be realistic- Yes I know that Angelina Jolie looks amazing with her signature cat eye and
nude lips, but you might not. Sometimes it's a dance between my clients and myself where
they know what they want and I know what will actually work. Be open minded and see what
possibilities arise.

About me- I've been a makeup artist for 12 years making countless Colorado brides look
beautiful. I'm also a beauty writer keeping women plugged into the latest beatuy.

I am open to answering questions, feel free to visit me at:

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