Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Stats

As everyone knows the economy has hit most industries hard and the wedding industry is no exception. Here are a few interesting statistics on how the wedding industry has been impacted in the past months.

The average cost of a wedding:

2009 (1st quarter)-$19,210

In Denver the average wedding cost:
2009- $25,701

The average cost of a wedding gown:

In October, when the economy took it's turn for the worst, our brides at the bridal salon's budgets went from $2000 and under to $1000 and under.

The average cost of a tuxedo:

The average cost of a full service wedding planner:

As you can see the nations wedding industry is feeling the change of the economy. I personally do not think it is such a bad thing. Brides are being challenged now to get creative, pull resources and turn more to family and friends for help with personal touches. I recommend getting your girls together and doing your centerpieces, making your bouquets, hiring a trusted friend to film your wedding, etc.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding Styling Services

Wedding Planner And Me is a design based wedding planning company. We aim to help you finesse your perfect wedding style and to put you in touch with the perfect people to execute it. Each package is customized to meet all your needs and to work into your budget. During your first consultation, you and your planner will determine which package will suit you in order to make your wedding day perfect.

Concierge Package
- Initial consultation
- Email and phone support throughout planning process
- Wedding theme and style design
- Attire recommendations for wedding party
- Accompaniment to dress fittings
- Budget management
- Vendor recommendations and meeting arrangements
- Etiquette
- Guest list and RSVP management
- Professional seating chart
- Hotel accommodations
- Wedding design book
- Emergency kit
*This all-inclusive package will be custom tailored to fit your needs.

The Perfect Pattern
This package is for the couple who needs a little start
up help and a little help to pull their planning
together and execute their ideas.

2 in person consultations in the beginning of your

Unlimited communication with your consultant
through phone and email throughout the engagement

2 in person meetings with your consultant during the
two months prior to your wedding

- Vendor recommendations and confirmations
- Site recommendations and confirmations
- Wedding style and design ideas
- Week of wedding timeline
- Day of wedding planning
- Wedding design book

Final Touches
- 1 meeting in last 2 months of engagement
- Vendor Confirmations
- Wedding Weekend task list
- Wedding Weekend Consultant
- Day-of consultant
- Emergency Kit

a La Carte
Pick and choose any service from the list to best fit
your needs.

- Budget management - $175
- Vendor Recommendations - $150
- Site Selection - $200
- Honeymoon Planning - $275
- Accommodation Coordination - $100
- Guest Packages - $200
- Favors - $125 + materials
- Custom Design Services - price varies
- Party Planning - $500
- Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
- Bridal Luncheon
-Engagement Party
-Rehearsal Dinner
- Bridal Shower

- Hourly fee- minimum of 2 hours, $65/hour

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stories From The Bridal Salon

I was talking with a friend today and she asked me what my craziest bridal salon story was, so I thought for a minute. I have tons of stories of moms hating their daughters favorite dress, brides yelling, brides crying. Everything you could imagine, but one of my favorite stories is this one...

I was working a slow Sunday last fall. My first appointment came in. It was a mom and her two daughters. The first daughter (the one getting married) was about 25 and her little sister was 22. I showed them all the gowns and left them alone to browse for a few minutes. When I came back they had quite the list of gowns they wanted to try on. Most of them were very simple gowns, with one exception that the sister had picked out. This specific gown was a La Sposa gown that was on the sample sale rack because it was from a previous season. It was a mermaid shape and made of lace and dotted swiss tulle. The bride did not love it but being the good sport she was she agreed to try it on for her sister.

The bride started trying on the gowns she had picked. She found a few she really loved but was not ready to commit, she then tried on the La Sposa gown for her sister. The bride HATED it. It was the farthest thing from her style, but her sister loved it. Since I did not have an appointment after theirs her mom urged the sister to try on the gown. Hesitant she went into the dressing room and came out in the gown. I have seen many brides fall in love with a gown, but never like this. She knew this was her dress, hands down, there would never be another gown like this. The only problem was, she was not engaged. She did have a pretty serious boyfriend, and they were planning on getting married someday, but she definitely was not at a place to buy the gown. Her mom and sister finally got her out of the gown and left to go get lunch.

A couple hours later and much to my surprise, they came back. Since I knew the bride had not found her dress I was a bit confused. The sister walked in and said that she was going to buy the La Sposa gown, hide it at her aunts house, and pray that she got engaged. I was a little bit surprised but after seeing how much she loved this gown, and how much she lit up when she was in it, it seemed to me that she was making the right decision.

Certainly not a bridezilla story but I thought it was one worth sharing. If working in the wedding industry has taught me anything, it is that unexpected things happen all the time and you just have to learn how to roll with them.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Your friends matter too

Here are a few tips to make sure your bridesmaids still love you by the time your big day roles around.

1. Do not over burden your bridesmaids.

Because your girls are excited for you they are going to want to help and be a part of your wedding. Accept their help where you need it so they feel included but do not throw a laundry list of things at them so they feel taken for granted.

2. When your old friends meet your new friends.

A lot of wedding parties consist of child hood friends and friends from work or people you met in college. Plan some sort of get together so all your friends can meet and bond. Do something active that will involve everyone. Go make pottery, find some where to make your own perfume, go on a wine tasting. This will help alleviate any tension that could arise.

3. Be nice and pick out cute dresses.

Working with weddings attire daily I hear bridesmaids complain about their gowns. Here are a few options:
*Pick a consistent color of fabric and let your girls choose which ever style they prefer.

*Ask your bridesmaids what a comfortable budget would be for them and try to stick with it, yes it is your day but be reasonable.

*If you are having an informal, outdoor, spring or summer wedding let your brides choose sundresses that match your flowers or color scheme

*You will hear it time and time again. Let them have something they will wear again. Especially now with budgets being tight. Choose something cute and wearable.

I personally love the Melissa Sweet bridesmaids gowns.

Just keep in mind that you want as many friends when you come out of your wedding as you had when you went in, so listen to them, involve them, and consider their lifestyles to make sure they are comfortable.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is green the new white?

Green Green Green

Everywhere you look you see signs about going green and saving the planet. Even in the wedding industry people and companies are starting to go green.

I want to give a quick shout out to a wedding gown designer who I really love. Adele Wechsler designs beautiful, feminine and ethereal gowns. Her new collection, the Eco Couture collection is so amazing! Adele Wechsler says this line is "for the bride who cares about the world she lives in" I have seen most of the line in person and these dresses are beautiful. Adele is using vegetable dyed silks and even hemp to make these gowns. The details are so beautiful. Tons of flowers and vines. Perfect gowns for an outdoor garden wedding.

These are a few of my favorite gowns from the line.

Flora is the gown that is made out of hemp. The material almost feels like linen. This dress is super light and airy. It would be great for an outdoor or beach wedding and will be very comfortable to wear through your reception.

Fern is a classic mermaid shape gown with vines and leaves winding around the entire dress. The bustle on this dress is so amazing, and when you unbustle it there are flowers all over the train. This dress is to this day one of my very favorite gowns I have ever seen simply because it is different.

If you are a bride looking for a super feminine gown and for a way to make your wedding green you must check out Adele Wechsler's Eco Couture collection


Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Media for Small Business

Hey, just want to let everyone know that Im going to be teaching a Social Media class every week starting this Tuesday April 21 at JCAR from 6-8. Email me or direct message me on twitter if you want to sign up. These classes are filling up super fast!

Thanks for watching the video. See you all there!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Truley Green Wedding

Though my last trip to New York City did no go as planned I did manage to visit one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.Recommended by David Beahm himself Blue Hill Farms is a fully self sustained farm and event venue. Located in Tarrytown, about an hour outside of the city it is hard to imagine such a such a beautiful and quiet place exists. Driving into the farm you will be greeted by cows, chickens and pigs and beehives. Everything is so green and lush. There are farmer markets weekly. One of my brides moms lives about 10 minutes away from Blue Hill Farms and goes daily to get fresh eggs and fruits and vegetables.

On the farm you can visit animals such as sheep, cows, pigs, turkeys, and chickens. You can also go into the green houses which are truly amazing.

When I went I was scouting the venue for a wedding. The event coordinator walked us through the grounds and showed us where weddings take place. The building and grounds themselves are protected by the city of Terrytown so weddings only can take place in the restraunt and reception area. You can have your ceremony inside, in a goregous room with windows on all sides or outside. There is an herb garden or a lawn area you can hold your ceremony. For the reception they open the doors from the reception hall to the lawn so your reception can be indoor/outdoor.

The site offers dressing rooms, and long list of recommended vendors. You can bring your own vendors except for the caterer, and let me tell you, you do not need another caterer. The restaraunt there is an experience within itself. There is no menu. Your waiter hands you a list of fresh ingredients from the farm that are in season and you choose which ingridients sound good and the chef prepares you a custom meal. For your wedding you will be able to sit down with the chef and create a custom wedding menu.

If you are looking for a wedding venue on the east coast, where you will have an experience like nothing you could imagine, I highly recommend checking out Blue Hill Farms. If you are not getting married, but vacationing to New York, rent a car and drive to them, you will not regret it.