Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Stats

As everyone knows the economy has hit most industries hard and the wedding industry is no exception. Here are a few interesting statistics on how the wedding industry has been impacted in the past months.

The average cost of a wedding:

2009 (1st quarter)-$19,210

In Denver the average wedding cost:
2009- $25,701

The average cost of a wedding gown:

In October, when the economy took it's turn for the worst, our brides at the bridal salon's budgets went from $2000 and under to $1000 and under.

The average cost of a tuxedo:

The average cost of a full service wedding planner:

As you can see the nations wedding industry is feeling the change of the economy. I personally do not think it is such a bad thing. Brides are being challenged now to get creative, pull resources and turn more to family and friends for help with personal touches. I recommend getting your girls together and doing your centerpieces, making your bouquets, hiring a trusted friend to film your wedding, etc.

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