Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He Proposed!!!! Now What?

The moment you've been waiting for your entire life has finally just happened! He proposed!!!!!!! After all the phone calls are made the initial excitement starts to subside you realize just how much work you have ahead of you to plan your dream day.

So where do you begin? Obviously you start with the logistics, where and when. After you have this figured out you can begin your gown search.

Here are the usual questions I get about setting up appointments.

1. Do I need an appointment?
~Yes. Even though most salons are not strictly by appointment only it is in your best interest to have an appointment. This will ensure that you will get a full hour of one on one time with a consultant who can help you find the perfect gown for you.

2. Who do I bring?
~You are going to have to use your personal discretion for this. Do not bring friends who always disagree with you. Bring your closest and most supportive friends and family who understand that in the end the gown you pick is your choice, not a collective decision. I recommend bringing no more than 4 people with you. Any more than 4 it gets very chaotic and confusing. Their are simply too many opinions. The other thing I highly recommend to all my brides is come alone to an appointment. After the first appointments when you have your gowns narrowed down to 3 or 4 come alone or with one very close friend or family member. This way you can see be in the gowns with no one elses opinion but your own. I HIGHLY recommend doing this.

3.Do I need to bring anything?
~Not really. Most salons have strapless bras and shoes they can lend. But if you have your own strapless bra and a pair of shoes that are about the heel height you will be wearing then bring them along. Many brides also bring their spanx along. I also recommend a camera. Not all salons let you take photographs. Some designers are very worried about people photographing their dresses and then trying to duplicate them. Another item to consider bringing is pictures from magazines or the internet of gowns you like. Even if you only like one thing about the dress bring a picture. This way your consultant can point you in the direction of gowns that may fit your personal style.

4.How early in my engagement should I start wedding dress shopping?
~ASAP!!!! If you are ordering a dress it will take anywhere from 4-8 months. This is standard with any designer who you order from. Generally during off season which is March-September the gowns will take 4-5 months. During busy season, October-February they will take at least 6 months. You also have to consider alterations which takes an average of 2 months, again depending on how busy the alterations department will be when your gown arrives.

Next time I'll be talking about what to expect in during your appointment.

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